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The North Coast has some of the best beaches in the world. From spotting the passing whales, to watching the dolphins, surfing waves at some of our best hot spots, to relaxing, sun baking, swimming or a beautiful sunrise walk.

Nature Walks

The Northern Rivers has a large range of natural wonders such as rain-forest walks, mountain exploring ocean treks, and natural waterfalls.

Secret Hideaways

Nature Destinations - Norther Rivers

Local Activities

Located within a 15minute drive from the iconic Byron Bay, there are many activities to choose from locally run companies such as; surfing / paddle boarding kayaking with dolphins, cinemas  animal parks, bike riding, and restaurants.

Around the Northern Rivers     |     Family Activities

Top 10 things to do in Byron Bay & Northern Rivers

Leisure Activities

The tranquil gardens that surround the property offer many locations to relax, reconnect and enjoy the sound of the local wildlife.

Mobile massage can be arranged to visit you at the property.

Local Markets

Choose from a range of fresh farmers markets to local crafts and brick a brace an atmospheric experience of the warm hearts of the Northern Rivers.

North Coast Market Guide

Local Famers Markets Fresh Food 

Cooking Courses

We can arrange bespoke Cooking classes to meet your requirements, or you can choose from a range of local cooking courses available in the area.

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