Bespoke Occasions

~ intimate ~

~ romantic ~


Château Du Soleil is the perfect location for your special day with beautiful French architecture for your Wedding Photos and many quaint garden areas for entertaining Guests

~ Product Launches ~

~ Annual Functions ~

~ Lunch & Dinners ~

Château Du Soleil provides a unique setting for exclusive corporate events and delights the senses with many detailed & captivating features.



Specially Designed

~ For You ~

Our team at Chàteau Du Soleil will meet your needs, providing a fully custom-designed Bespoke Retreat program that collaborates with the features, services, expertise and professions that can deliver what you're looking for - a business tune-up, a dietary change, a pamper weekend .. the possibilities are endless 


Get in touch with our specialist team and we will be happy to assist you in designing your next holiday or event
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